Customers rely on their Vital Health Sauna for health, wellness, and age-rejuvenation over 30 million minutes every year!

Discover the most common (and costly) mistakes health conscious men and women make when researching... and... investing in a Full
Spectrum or Far Infrared Sauna 

Introduction on what you'll discover in this free video series

The importance of EMF Levels and how companies trick people

5 important tips to picking the perfect SIZE infrared sauna for you and your family

Find out why SIMPLE is always better when it comes to the inside and outside controllers

Focus on features that give you the MOST therapeutic value

The BIG Secret of the infrared sauna BENCH that rarely gets talked about

Vitally important question to ask any infrared sauna company you're researching

Why GLASS in your sauna can be horrible for the health and therapeutic benefits

Why almost all 3rd party certifications
are useless!

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