*Note: The palletized weight of all 1 Person Vital Health Saunas is: 320 lbs.

"1 Person Specs & Dimensions"

Please note: The electrical specifications of our 1 person full
 spectrum and far infrared models are exactly the same.

Vital Health 1 Person Saunas Have
Two Power Cords...

Main Power Cord
120 Volt / 15 amp

Auxiliary Power Cord
120 Volt / 15 amp

Total Power Requirement For Both Plugs:
13.5 Amps - 120 Volts - 1620 Watts

*Both power cords plug into a standard 15 amp connection, but
because of the power of our 1 person Vital Health Saunas a 20 amp
breaker is recommended*


39" Wide 
36" Deep 
75" High
(plus 6" overhang at top)

"Cost to run"

Around $5.00 per month
using everyday for 1 hour

"100% Lifetime Guarantee On All 1 Person Saunas"

How Easy Is It To Assemble A Vital Health Sauna?

Super Easy! Push Play Below and See For Yourself

*NOTE* The assembly in the video is for a 2 person sauna.
There is no difference in assembling a 2 person sauna and a 1 person sauna.

The Fastest and Easiest Way to Secure All Electrical 
Connections In Your Vital Health Sauna Without
Making A Single Mistake...