Customers rely on their Vital Health Sauna for health, wellness, and age-rejuvenation over 30 million minutes every year!

Find Out Why Health-Conscious Men and Women Consider a Vital Health 1 Person Full Spectrum Red Cedar Sauna an Absolute Steal at Just... 

Only Focusing On Things That Matter...

Our Therapeutic 1 Person Full Spectrum
Elite Sauna Includes:

5 Vital Rays GEN IV Low EMF 
Far Infrared Heaters

1 Vital Rays VR1 300W Full Spectrum Glass Heater

This short video explains why Vital Health Full
Spectrum Heaters are the industry leader

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1 Person Dimensions
39" Wide by 36" Deep by 75" High (plus 6" overhang at top)

120 Volt (15 Amp) 
*Plugs into any standard outlet*

Cost to Run
Around $5.00 per month
using everyday for 1 hour

Combined, these powerful heaters give you the best full spectrum "even heat distribution" and "heating coverage" of any one person full spectrum sauna on the market today.

With an engineering, electronics, and a health & wellness degree, the owner of Vital Health Saunas has carefully used his specialized knowledge, experience, science, and testing, to design his line of saunas to maximize the health, healing, and therapeutic benefits.

And that's exactly what you get with a Vital Health 1 Person Elite Full Spectrum Sauna:

More high-quality heaters - positioned correctly -
and penetrating you from all the "right" angles.

(You can even turn the full spectrum glass heaters off - using 
only far infrared during your therapy sessions if you
want to switch it up!)

That's just one reason thousands of health-conscious men and women, from all walks of life, consider their Vital Health Sauna the "superior way" to help handle such problems as...

  • Joint pain, arthritis and Fibromyalgia (increased circulation, reduced inflammation)
  • Cleansing of harmful toxins that we eat, drink and breathe -- day in and day out
  • Lyme disease
  • Burning calories and aiding in the loss of unwanted weight
  • Hypertension
  • Better sleep and less stress
  • Cancer therapy
  • Softer skin, age-erasing rejuvenation and a youthful appearance
  • And so much more!

We Do Not Manufacture Cookie-Cutter 

A+ BBB Rating For 12+ Years

Lifetime Warranty On All Saunas

Featured On The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

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#1 Trusted Sauna Company For Serving Military Facilities

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"Super Low EMF Levels"

Vital Rays GEN IV heaters are the newest and most advanced carbon heaters on the market. Are they safe? You bet!

The EMF Levels are almost non-existent and well below the industry standard. Watch this short video for a live demonstration.

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"90 Day Distillation Of All Red Cedar Wood"

This rigorous 5-step safety process (Sun dried, heated, removal of fat, removal of water, pressurized) ensures you will NOT have to ever worry about any hazard outgassing.
Customer SAFETY is Vital Health
Saunas' top priority.

"Exclusive Power Station"

Vital Health Saunas is the only sauna company in existence to have (2) 120 Volt Receptacles and (2) USB Charging Ports INSIDE their saunas.

Do you LOVE "essential oils?" Eucalyptus? Plug your diffuser right in! Need to make an important phone call but your battery is about dead? Want to read a book on your Kindle? Watch a movie - browse the Web? 

So many options.

(Plus, compatible for future secret innovations currently being worked on.)

Exceptional Support. 
Another Happy Customer!

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Lifetime Warranty Stands After 7 Years... Customer Overjoyed

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"Advanced Multimedia"

Conveniently located on the front wall where you can see, and use, all its features without moving from the bench.

Bluetooth, Flash-drive, SD Card, MP3.
The options are endless!

Watch videos on your smart phone, listen to your favorite AM/FM station, slip in hundreds of your favorite songs... 
All while relaxing, detoxing, and getting healthier.

"Thicker Cabinet & Side Walls"

Gives you extra insulation, more infrared heat, and a sturdier overall unit.

This is one area where inferior companies cut corners and costs... ripping you off and you would never know the difference.

We believe this is something you should be aware of.
Very aware.

Dr. Maryann Rosenthal

"I read, work and relax for 30 to 40 minutes each time and I am, as you can tell, more than delighted with the healthy results from my Vital Health Sauna."

Arthur Gertler, M.D.

"I have found that using the Vital Health Far Infrared Sauna is invaluable"

"Magnetic Flux Therapy"

Vital Health Saunas is the ONLY company in existence that includes this powerful health advantage into their saunas.

With strategically embedded bi-polar magnets in the bench, floorboard, and backrest...

Here's just a partial list of what Magnetic Flux Therapy can help with:

Carpal Tunnel Arthritis - Scoliosis Spinal DeformationsFibromyalgia Back painHigh blood pressureLower Cholesterol Promote Sound SleepCalm Nervous System - DiabetesSoften ArteriesReduce SwellingSciatica - General aches & painsAnd much more...

This short video explains the benefits of
magnetic flux therapy...

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"O3 Ionizer With Aromatherapy"

Neutralizes odors for a pleasant smell and helps kill virus, fungus and bacteria... the stuff that makes you sick and keeps you sick.

(Color Light Therapy)

Our saunas include a state-of-the-art 7 color light therapy system that promotes healthier skin, helps blood circulation, improves the nervous system, and is known to enhance your mood condition.

All without nasty drugs and their side-effects.

Find Out How Vital Health Saunas Stacks Up Against the Competition

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Preferred By 
Commercial Businesses

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Shari Says Best Sauna
On the Market!

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Ready to place your order and start your own
personal health retreat today?

Vital Health 1 Person Full Spectrum Elite Sauna 
Just... $3,795.00

Special message from owner
Greg Baumgartner

"Because of the demand for our saunas, if you feel this is the best choice for you and your family, we encourage you to call now and place your order before inventory is completely sold out.

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 Diffuser, Custom Holder & 5 Proprietary Blends Of
 Essential Oils

This is a powerful way to add even more health & healing advantages into each and every one of your therapy sessions.

An absolute must have for any health-conscious man or woman.

Relied on for centuries in many cultures, Aromatherapy, used the right way, is known to boost and promote many therapeutic benefits.

A few include:

  • Relieve stress, anxiety, & feelings of depression
  • Reduce pain & speed up the healing process
  • Regulate sleep & boost energy levels
  • Rejuvenate memory function & ease headaches
  • Also, strengthens immune system, improves digestion, increases circulation and so much more!

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Even More Vital Health Sauna Features...

"Top-Notch Halogen Reading Light"

Get through that new novel, keep up-to-date with current events by reading the daily newspaper, or even your favorite hobby magazine...
 While you release toxins, stress, and rejuvenate yourself.

"Crown Molding With Luxury LED Lights Package"

"One Ergonomic Backrest For Added Comfort"

"Dual Inside & Outside Soft Touch Digital Controllers"

Orthopedic Surgeon Speaks Out About Her Sauna

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Carl Mondello Hurley, New York

"I am 88 years old. My routine is to get in for thirty minutes and sweat profusely. 

I then take a shower and my aches and pains are gone. 

Purchasing your sauna is one of the best investments I ever made."

Todd Burton

This is the best thing we have ever purchased for ourselves!

It has changed our lives and we will never be without a Vital Health Sauna again. 

Thank you!"

"Fast & Easy 30 Minute Assembly..."
From Start To Finish

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Ready for the most advanced and therapeutic 1 person full
 spectrum sauna on the market today?
Price Only... 

Please call now to place your order before our inventory is sold out and you have to wait.

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Call Now - Open 7 Days A Week

You're also completely covered by our 100%, iron-clad
 lifetime guarantee.

One Again the Number To Call Is:

Thousands Of Happy Vital Health Sauna Customers!

Mark Hopko

"I want to thank you again for your company's outstanding customer service. Prior to purchasing our sauna from Vital Health Saunas we had two prior bad experiences. 

I have just retired after 20 years in Law Enforcement as a Federal Agent. After our previous experiences with other sauna companies, I was very skeptical to order again. You and your staff came through for us. Thanks again and great job."

Lou and Tisha

"As a retired marine with over 30 years of active service, I recently began my physical recovery.

Vital Saunas has helped me in the recovery process with their superior infrared sauna product. 

The purchase of our Vital Health Infrared Sauna is the best investment my spouse and I have ever made."

Joe Bauer

"I did all the research on saunas... the health aspects, the types, the styles, the warranties, the costs of operating as well as the cost of the unit. I knew before I ever sat in the Vital Sauna that it was the right one.

What I did not know was how much I would enjoy the whole experience of what this particular sauna brings in addition to the health benefits."

Maribel Krausse

"Since the purchase of our Vital Sauna, my husband and I feel rejuvenated and in better health. My husband had been experiencing back problems for the last few years and we had tried all types of expensive products which were not effective.

The deep heat penetration he receives from the sauna has made a dramatic improvement on his back and has also helped improve his overall quality of life."

In The Media With San Diego Living

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Preferred By Professional Trainers
 & Athletes

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Making the world a happier, healthier, less stressful place,
 one full spectrum sauna at a time.