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Here's How To Quickly 'Weed Out' Bad Sauna Companies When Looking At Their Infrared Sauna Reviews:

A major flaw in 
many infrared saunas...

Use this tip when reviewing different companies and the saunas they sell. 

It will save you time, money, and keep
the investment in your health safe...

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Did you find the home infrared sauna reviews video helpful? Are you currently in the process of comparing different companies? 

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Pay close attention to the details. Compare us directly with our competition. We believe you'll understand why thousands call Vital Health Saunas the industry
leader. The company that offers more therapeutic benefits than anyone else in the entire marketplace.

**Other helpful tips: Under the pictures below, are 5 additional infrared sauna review tips.

You'll find them helpful if you're in the process of trying to pick the perfect infrared sauna for you and your family.

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5 more simple tips you can use to quickly evaluate different companies and the saunas they sell

1. Pay close attention to the details of their warranty. Is there any "small print?" 

Do they even have a solid guarantee? Is it one year? Five year? Lifetime, like ours?

2. Do they list the price of their saunas right on their website? If they don't - why not? Many customers tell us they were hounded -- after giving their contact information to some of our biggest competitors. 

Our prices are listed right on our website. And the only way we contact you, is if you contact us first with a question.

3. Is there anything unique that makes a certain sauna superior? If so, how do those unique things directly relate to your health benefits? They're not just for entertainment purposes are they?

If you take a few minutes to look at our saunas, you can directly see what makes us superior. From our heaters and wood, right down to our pricing and free gifts.

No trying to convince you required. Just facts, so you can evaluate us fairly against our competition and make your own judgement.

As an aside, if you like short stories and want to see my 'unique qualifications' -- you'll find why I started Vital Health Saunas interesting. You can do that here.

4. Low EMF Levels. This is a shady area because a sauna's actual levels can be manipulated.

We do a live demonstration that directly shows you what our EMF Levels are. Why don't more companies? I don't know. I'm told many companies detail a bunch of scientific jargon, along with a professional looking document or two.

This is all wrong. Visit our: EMF Level and 3rd party certification page and you'll quickly discover the difference in transparency between us, and our competition, is day and night.

5. Don't take my word for anything I've said on this page! Do your own research

I'm not proud to say this, but, there are many liars in the sauna industry. An industry and technology that I've truly cared about (an helped advance) for over 15 years now. And will continue to care about (an help advance) for many years to come.

My point is simple. The amount of people that invested in a Vital Health Sauna, only after going with a different brand first, would amaze you. Please think about that fact carefully.

There's more tips I could share with you. But I don't want to bog you down with a bunch of details.

So, as a best practice, use the tips above and be very cautious when it comes to who you choose to trust in the sauna industry

And as always, call us anytime if you need help.

Good Luck and God Bless!

     Greg Baumgartner
Owner Vital Health Saunas

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 Transcript from the Infrared Sauna Reviews Video...

Hi this is Greg from Vital Saunas. This video will focus on avoiding a major common mistake that most people make when trying to do unbiased home infrared sauna reviews.

It starts with a critical question:
 How much glass should you have in a full spectrum or far infrared sauna?

This is a very important question to ask. And a very important decision you'll need to make.

Why? Because glass drastically affects the health benefits and therapeutic value you'll reap from your daily sauna sessions.

Most people really do need glass in their sauna. The reason is, without glass you will most likely feel a little claustrophobic.

Now, if you're looking at a bigger sauna. Perhaps a
3-4 person corner sauna, or a 5 person sauna, you will need less glass because there's more room inside.

But if you're looking at a
1 or 2 person sauna, glass will likely be important to you.

In the smaller units you'll want to be able to look out while doing your session. This will make your experience more enjoyable.

We, here at Vital Health Saunas, use a heavy-duty tempered glass door. Now, we've tried putting heaters on the actual glass door. But, because it's a moving part, it just doesn't work well.

Here's the thing to remember when your checking out different company reviews and ratings:

Glass is a poor insulator! It looks classy and nice but offers NO therapeutic benefits at all.

You never want to buy a sauna that has the whole front covered in glass.

Remember... where there's glass there's no heater. So you immediately get a loss of penetrating heat.

Which is the exact opposite of what you want in your new sauna.

And, going back to glass being a horrible insulator -- touch your glass windows in the winter and you, yourself, can see that it does not insulate well.

What you really want is a balance. Just enough glass to not feel like you're in a coffin. But you want it to be as minimal as possible.

This so the sauna can heat up quicker, hold its heat, and offer you the most health benefits.

The fact is, the health benefits you receive from investing in the right sauna, is much more important than it looking like a china cabinet.

To make this critical point one more time... Glass is bad. The more you have the less benefits you'll receive.